Telecom Expense Management

Telecom Expense Management is at our roots.  We launched in 1999, one of the first dedicated managed services teams addressing the complexity of telecom invoices and the headache of monthly processing and reporting. 

Fast forward to today and that’s expanded to a comprehensive suite of end-to-end managed services delivering cost control and process efficiency for both wireline and wireless supported by a scalable, integrated SaaS platform. We give our customers visibility and control over rising telecom and cloud service costs that keeps budgets in line and management happy.  We can help with projects or ongoing management of your telecom environment. 

We manage the full lifecycle of communications for TEM.

Invoice Management

Each month our experts will handle your telecom bill processing, including bill review and reporting. We can also pay the bills on your behalf, ensuring bills are processed and paid on time, avoiding the possibility of late fees and penalties. We’ll coordinate with your AP department to provide detailed payment reconciliation files.

Audit & Optimization

We’ll review your telecom bills to make sure everything is billing correctly and has the accurate activation status. Often, we find that disconnects lag, leading to overbilling. We’ll analyze your contract rates and compare them with usage records to identify cost variances. We’ll make recommendations for opportunities for dispute and recovery.

Dispute Management

Many of our customers complain about being billed for services that should have been cancelled, or finding errors on their telecom bills that drag on for months. And they are frustrated by the many hoops needed to get credit for billing errors and late disconnects.

We’ll handle the dispute process for you, acting as the single point of contact for the carrier, to get matters resolved quickly. With our deep knowledge of telcos, we know how to provide the documentation, detail and follow up needed, to get resolutions in your favor, getting a higher rate of credits, faster than if you worked alone. We’ll handle all the historical research and prepare a winning business case. We’ll close the loop by following up to ensure credits are applied to your account.

Inventory Management

We believe that inventory is one of the core pillars of essential telecom management. Maintaining an accurate, up-to-date inventory of telecom assets – equipment, devices, lines, services, and contracts – is essential to effectively manage infrastructure, adds, moves, changes, and ensure billing accuracy.  We’ll make sure your inventory is current and complete and tie your inventory to cost centers and locations.

Companies often ask us which should come first, the audit or building an inventory.  We recommend that you can begin your audit and invoice processing concurrently with building your inventory. Inventory goes hand in hand with provisioning and if you have a high volume of orders then you know how hard it is to keep a current inventory.  Our process and platform are designed to keep you in synch and up to date.

Ordering & Provisioning

We’ll be your dedicated team for ordering and provisioning.  Bills alone don’t provide the detail that’s important to eliminate wasted time and effort in provisioning.  That’s where building and maintaining an accurate inventory is core to what companies like 4TelcomHelp specialize in managing for our clients.

Our provisioning department handles ongoing Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnects on a monthly basis.  Customers can place tickets online with our 4T-Titan tools for new orders as well as check status of existing tickets.

Our telecom experts will be your single point of contact for handling everything, from placing new orders to change orders to making sure disconnects are handled quickly and completely. We’ll track all activities for complete visibility and up to date status. Our provisioning team is made up of experienced and carrier-trained experts so we talk the language and can quickly cut through red tape to get your new orders placed or changes made and sort through any issues that might occur.

Budgeting & Usage Management

We’ll give you a top down assessment of your invoices and usage, providing insight on network design and telecom implementation, pointing our areas for improved efficiencies, and cost savings.

Our automated systems will identify costs and usage from detailed invoice data.  Then usage costs are allocated by individual, cost center, department, business unit, or other categories. Detailed usage management enables precise monitoring of company resources. We periodically check the usage and inventory of different locations to see if it needs rightsized.

TEM Benefits

Benefits of 4TelecomHelp Telecom Expense Management Services include:

  • Remove surprise budget spikes with visibility into monthly spend by carrier and by business unit
  • Control over monthly cost variability
  • Cost reduction through reduction of unconventional and excessive telecom expenses
  • Telecom cost recovery, particularly on overpayment
  • Improved dispute reconciliation
  • Centralization of telecom order management and tracking, telecom inventory management and maintenance and vendor management brings greater visibility, accountability and control
  • Up to date and accurate monthly reporting for finance
  • Reduced time needed to assemble budgets
  • Increased contract leverage in telecom negotiations with local telecom vendors