Telecom Audit Services

One-time audits put money in your pocket

A one-time telecom audit will help you understand exactly what services you have and how much you are paying for them. Telecom auditing can identify services that are no longer needed, telecom services that may be going to locations that have been closed for years, or lines and circuits not in use. A telecom audit can enable you to see more efficient ways to design your company’s network, resulting in a HUGE telecom cost reduction. Our average customer has savings of over 25%. We put money back into your company’s pocket!

Our telecom audit process:

  • Gather copies of all your telecom invoices
  • Prepare a telecom contract/vendor list
  • Get copies of all telecom Carrier Service Records (CSRs)
  • Create database of all lines, trunks, features, etc. and the costs associated with your telecom inventory management
  • Provide recommendations for telecom consolidation, correction, or elimination
  • Prepare telecom design recommendations to optimize network
  • Alert you of cramming, slamming and other fraudulent charges
  • Clean up the mess—Eliminate unneeded services and pursue credits for contractual inconsistencies and errors

Audits can include Site Surveys, Physical Inventories, Tone and Test, and Traffic Studies