Relocation Services

Telecom support for moves

Moving to a new location? If you are relocating to a new office down the street or across the country, 4TelecomHelp can assist by:

  • Conducting a telecom infrastructure analysis to determine what services exist in the new location and what services need to be moved
  • Creating an inventory of vendors/carriers, account numbers, contact names, phone numbers to efficiently move services and change billing addresses as necessary
  • Conducting a telecom audit of the current services to determine if there is a better way to design the new network for optimum efficiency
  • Assisting as needed in telecom negotiations for better rates or new equipment.
  • Providing advice on whether to move your existing phone system or get a new one
  • Assisting with the telecom contract negotiations for telecom cabling installation pricing
  • Redesigning network for added efficiency
  • Overseeing telecom installation of circuits, phone systems and services to make sure they are installed accurately and on time