Case Study—Provisioning

4TelecomHelp Saves Client Money with White Glove Provisioning Support

Below is an example of a provisioning project that included an MPLS migration that 4TelecomHelp supported for one of our clients which resulted in significant time and money savings.  This example helps to show the level of daily oversight needed to successfully manage circuit installs with the service provider and how we can help a company’s internal IT team successfully process any carrier service order.

4T Provisioning Project Support

Overview: Carrier –  MPLS migration (across 12 Locations – Domestic and International)
4TelecomHelp was engaged to project manage the implementation and activation of the client’s MPLS network upgrade and to negotiate better pricing.

Challenge: The client had already begun working with a different vendor and had obtained initial pricing and paperwork for the network. Unfortunately, the original orders with the carrier were submitted with an incorrect address.

Solution: The 4T provisioning team was engaged by the client to correct the orders submitted in error and additionally obtain better pricing on the contract.

Results: Through the 4T Provisioning Project Process outlined below, the 4T provisioning team was able to help save the client $15,246.65 in waved NRC (one time install charges) fees, and negotiate a monthly savings of $1,000 ($12K per year).  This resulted in the successful install, activation and implementation of our client’s new 12 site MPLS network within their project timeline goal as well as disconnection of their legacy network.

How 4T Helped!

4TelecomHelp Provisioning Project Management Process

Contract and Order Review

  • Reviewed contracts and order forms to ensure accuracy. 4T identified contract discrepancies with both pricing and business details and corrected them.

Daily Project Management

  • Provided easy-to-review regular project status to our client.
  • Looked for additional savings opportunities. In this case, by activating the sites by importance of use, this resulted in more savings for the client.
  • Reviewed any extra paperwork required by local carriers to continue processing order (primarily needed for international locations). We read through the carrier orders before they were submitted to ensure all service components were included on the orders to avoid issues at time of service activation.
  • Held regular calls with the carrier and client to review status of orders.
  • Dispersed meeting minutes following the weekly/biweekly calls to ensure that all parties had a clear update on all items discussed on the call.
  • Was primary Point to Contact (POC) for coordination of any scheduling for site surveys, shipment deliveries, installation, activations, etc., offloading that task from the client IT Project team.
  • Monitored all automated messages and sent updates to the client with information such as due dates for site surveys, shipment deliveries, installation, activations, etc., to ensure all was accounted for and reached out to the carrier or escalated as needed.

Final Project Clean Up / Reviews

  • Monitored first monthly billing with new carrier to confirm that new services are billing accurately based on their contract agreements. We requested updated billing if pricing/promotions were incorrect and submitted disputes for credits due to client because of carrier billing mishaps.
  • Followed up with client to ensure new network is running without issues, such as old network circuits were disconnected and equipment was returned and removed from the bill.
  • Monitored billing with former carrier to confirm services drop off the invoice accurately, and request credits from carrier if services are not removed from invoices as appropriate.

If you have a provisioning project that could use white glove provisioning support, give us a call!