Case Study—Location Optimization and Consolidation

Company Profile: One of the largest farm supply retail and service cooperatives in the United States with a location that serves over 1,200 retail outlets across 21 states, was seeking assistance with migrating a multitude of location’s telecom services to one vendor.


Challenge: In an effort to consolidate the billing, a redesign of their telecom services at each location would need to be done by performing an in-depth analysis of the existing inventory. This exercise would prove to be beneficial by uncovering additional idle services that could be dropped due to old technology or services such as copper POTS lines, as well as removal of unnecessary recurring charges, features, and provide an overall cost savings.


Solution: Perform a detail review of current bills to identify the use of each line currently being charged per site and confirm which lines can be optimized for better pricing or dropped altogether. Establish which features such as Non-Published, Caller ID, Call Block, etc. are being utilized or can be removed.


Result: After each site established their position on their stores’ functionality and use for their existing lines, 4T was able to convert the lines to more efficient carrier using a third-party vendor, with more competitive rates. To save additional costs, a consolidation of bills was done which eliminated paper invoicing fees. $700/month has been confirmed as unused features between several bills and spread out among 53 locations which has been removed. $1k/month in potential savings are still pending decisions from sites to proceed with removals. Projected annual savings will then be over $20k. them with an easier way to manage their monthly spending, especially since this client didn’t understand some of the contracts and regulations in place.


As research and verifications proceed, multiple other sites reached out to their parent corporate representatives requesting 4T to manage their billing. As 2019 comes to a close, we continue to seek savings and competitive rates for add-on’s and additional research efforts persists. Although these bigger savings projects may take time, 4T relentlessly strives for all potential savings paths as our clients grow and their budgets transform to keep up with telecom technology over time.

Here is what 4telecomhelp can do:


  • Compile, audit, & Analyze all telecom bills
  • Create inventory list
  • Tie inventory to cost centers & locations
  • TEM bill processing
  • Bill review and reporting
  • Pay bills
  • Research and resolve billing errors
  • Contract negotiation
  • Project Manage MACDs (Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnects)
  • Consolidate bills
  • Error detection
  • Site Surveys
  • Right Sizing Inventories