Case Study—Bill Pay Service

Leading Common Carrier Pipeline Network

Company Profile: One of the nation’s largest independent petroleum products common carrier pipeline networks providing refiners, wholesalers, marketers, airlines, railroads and other commercial end-providing users with refined petroleum products. Pipelines in Northeastern and upper Midwestern states. Their telecom spend is over $7M annually with more than 1500 locations. 27 wireline carriers and 4 wireless carriers total.


  • Clients’ accounts payable was missing payments for their carrier wireline and wireless services which was leading to late fees and disconnection of service at locations.
  • The carriers were charging the client a late fee charge and reactivation of service fee causing for thousands of dollars to be paid in fees.
  • The client did not have one centralized location for all their carrier bills.
  • Clients accounts payable was spending a significant amount of time every week to pay their carrier bills.



  • 4T was able to provide an affordable bill pay solution to the client.
  • 4T was able to pay the clients wireline and wireless carrier bills on time.
  • 4T was able to provide one centralized location for all the bills to be stored in our Telecom Expense Management software called 4T-Titan.



  • 4T was able to pay both the wireline and wireless bills to ensure there were no late fees and no reactivation of service fees.
  • 4T was able to red flag any carrier variances within the bills and go after any credits for incorrect billing by the carriers.
  • 4T was able to free up a ton of time for the clients’ Accounts Payable department who are now able to focus their efforts towards other areas.

If 4T were to miss a payment for whatever reason we would pay the late fee.