Provisioning Services

4TelecomHelp professionals can help with all aspects of deploying phone and data services to your office, from contract negotiation through installation and training.

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Implementation Project Management

Don’t get caught between vendor and carrier finger pointing – 4TelecomHelp can assist by:

  • Reviewing line information with Customer to determine best practices.
  • Conducting telecom infrastructure analysis to determine best design for voice & data networks.
  • Assisting the customer with telecom order management & installation of carrier services.
  • Obtain configuration information from Vendors to submit to Carrier for their related service orders.
  • Reduce out of service conditions when changing providers.
  • Project managing telecom orders to maintain accuracy when multiple internal departments are involved in the order.
  • Provide Customer with steps on changing carriers or services and how to prepare for telecom installation.
  • Confirm Incumbent Carrier services for accuracy to prevent port requests from being denied.
  • Coordinate Vendor & Carrier for service activations.
  • Create implementation plan that list roles & responsibilities for all parties involved.
  • Create timelines for the project & work with Customer, Carrier and Vendor to keep project on track so all parties are aware of critical dates.

Relocation Services

Moving to a new location? If you are relocating to a new office, 4TelecomHelp can assist by:

  • Conducting a telecom infrastructure analysis to determine what services exist in the new location and what services need to be moved.
  • Assistance in creating an inventory of vendors/carriers, account numbers, contact names, phone numbers to efficiently move services and change billing addresses as necessary.
  • Conducting a telecom audit of the current services to determine if there is a better way to design the new network for the optimum efficiency
  • Assisting as needed in telecom negotiations for better rates or new equipment.
  • Providing advice on whether to move your existing phone system or get a new one
  • Assisting with the telecom contract negotiations for telecom cabling installation pricing
  • Redesigning network for added efficiency
  • Overseeing telecom installation of circuits, phone systems and services to make sure they are installed accurately and on time.

RFP / Contract Negotiation Services

Companies of all sizes and levels of experience find that reading and comprehending the various MACs (Minimum Annual Commitment), MARCs (Minimum Annual Revenue Commitment and AVCs (Annual Volume Commitment) to be difficult and a challenging part of the telecom RFP and telecom contract negotiation process. The telecom Industry is constantly changing as well as the services offered and the technologies and applications that drive the industry. The many choices and options can frustrate even the most experienced of companies and make it difficult to determine if the pricing that they have received is competitive and advantageous.

In an industry and age where there seem to be unlimited choices of equipment, vendors, carriers and options; this can make the telecom RFP process very difficult. 4Telecomhelp specializes in staying current on all changes and options in the telecom industry. This allows clients to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and experience, thereby making the telecom RFP process and telecom contract negotiation process less time-consuming, costly and frustrating. Our proven RFP process is the right fit for companies of all sizes no matter how large or small the project might be.

4TelecomHelp, Inc. RFP Services include:

  • Developing the telecom Request for Proposal (RFP)
  • Review and evaluation of proposals from all Telecom carrier or providers which responded to the RFP.
  • Analyze quotes and pricing from telecom vendors and/or providers.
  • Conducting comparisons of all proposals against offerings in their tariff.
  • Telecom Negotiations with carriers/vendors for maximum cost efficiency of telecommunications services.
  • Project Manage the provisioning and installation of telecom services.
  • Post RFP bill review for accuracy.

Telecom Contract Management

4TelecomHelp, Inc. assists clients by offering complete telecom contract management services to monitor contract compliance and suggest areas of cost reduction. Many companies experience problems with rates and charges that differ from the rates contained in a contract. Typically, when rates differ it is not in the customer’s favor. 4Telecomhelp can help analyze the current contracts that are in place and renegotiate new contracts.

4TelecomHelp has on-staff telecom consultants with specialized knowledge of the challenges involved in telecom contract negotiation. We work to understand the needs of our clients and match those needs with contracts that meet the expectations, budgets and services that our clients desire. Our vast understanding of the telecom industry allows us to offer our clients unprecedented levels of expertise in all matters regarding Telecom contract negotiation.

We typically undergo telecom contract negotiations with numerous telecom carriers to offer multiple proposals for our client to obtain the most aggressive pricing. In addition, we work with clients to plan for future changes that could impact the overall picture. We provide our clients with the flexibility needed to adapt to the constant changes in the telecom industry while still offering methods to minimize costs.

4TelecomHelp is vendor neutral and offers unbiased opinions and analysis of carriers and providers. This allows us to approach negotiations from an objective point of view and provide the most cost effective solutions for our clients.

Telecom Team Training

There is one objective that ALL companies share, saving money on their existing services. Most telecom bills contain errors or charges that don’t belong. To the trained eye these errors and items are easy to spot and removing them from your billing results in savings every month.

A common problem for companies is not having staff with the knowledge and experience to discover and correct telecom related issues in a timely manner.

You can outsource this task or let the EXPERIENCED andCARRIER TRAINED team at 4TelecomHelp TRAIN YOUR STAFF to recognize these common errors and show them what steps to take in resolving these issues.


Training classes are held in half day or full day sessions and cover topics such as:

  • Bill Processing
  • Consolidation
  • Electronic Billing
  • Service Orders
  • Repair Tickets

4TelecomHelp has the knowledge and expertise to quickly bring your staff up to speed and start saving money NOW!

How 4T Can Help YOu With VOIP

Today in telecom management, VOIP can mean many things. . .

Voice IP phone systems, Voice over Internet home service, voice IP over MPLS data networks – but what does it mean to you?

If you are researching VOIP technology and how it can benefit your business, we can help:

  • Determine if VOIP will benefit your company
  • Determine functionality of phone system and telecommunications equipment needed to implement a VOIP solution
  • Determine if Directory Advertising phone numbers will be affected by VOIP installation
  • Manage telecom equipment proposals
  • Determine best phone system solution
  • Determine voice grade quality of service (QOS)
  • Coordinate carrier meetings to determine best solution and best carrier
  • Telecom order management -submit orders, obtain updates, and confirm accuracy of orders up to delivery date
  • Coordinate telecom installation and activation of VOIP circuits
  • Confirm call routing tables, and perform test calls
  • Disconnect lines and previous services replaced by VOIP services