Pennsylvania County Government

Case Study: Pennsylvania County Government

Company Profile: Large Pennsylvania County Government with a high
monthly telecom expense.

Challenge: 5 years of miscommunication and overspending of 100’s of
thousands of dollars with their primary carrier, double charges and outrageous
long distances costs were all part of a long-term issue.

Solution: 4TelecomHelp was able to get a team from Verizon to recalculate
and adjust current contracts and regulations.

Result: 4TelecomHelp also was able to work out a onetime credit reimbursement
of $230,000; following up by renegotiating contracts to save another
$14,597 MONTHLY. 4T also worked with the customer to inform
them with an easier way to manage their monthly spending, especially
since this client didn’t understand some of the contracts and regulations in



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