Hospitality Conglomerate

Case Study: Hospitality Conglomerate

Company Profile: A large travel, hotel and restaurant conglomerate with over 420 travel agencies, 570 restaurants, 396 hotels, with close to a $900K monthly spend, was looking for a TEM company who could provide clean billing, correctly identified GL coding, and timely bill processing.

Challenge: Client was frustrated with other TEM provider since there was no procedure in place to make sure all invoices were processed in a timely manner resulting in a large percentage of invoices incurring hundreds of dollars in late fees as well accounts being disconnected for non-payment. In addition, there was no accurate inventory of their services or properly tied accounts to the client’s GL coding.

Services Provided: Monthly TEM, Dispute Management, Account Consolidation, Auditing


  • A comprehensive review of all invoices resulted in consolidation of hundreds of accounts.
  •  Set up an accurate list of active accounts and a missing bills process to make sure bills were paid on time.
  • Improved late payments on accounts from 375 accounts that were past due to 0 in 1 year.
  • Late fees on accounts reduced from average of $1,440 to $75 first year.
  • Recovered more than $186K in one-time credits in first year.
  • Consolidated almost 1600 invoices.
  • Identified services no longer needed by auditing key Operating Groups.
  • Put a procedure in place for processing refund checks

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